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Our Roots Run Deep

The Fox family’s history in the lumber business dates back some 60 years to the Fox Brothers Sawmill founded by brothers T.C. Jr. and Gilbert Fox.

Located in the brothers’ native community of Bending Chestnut, the mill started off catering to mostly locals and the surrounding areas. And it was a true family business, with T.C.’s wife, Emma Jean, working in the office while her husband along with Gilbert and their sons worked around the mill.

T.C.’s son Tommy grew up learning the trade of being a lumberman from his father and uncle. He watched the work ethic these men had in pleasing their customers and the relationships that grew as a result. This inspired Tommy to follow in their footsteps and start his own lumber business. In 1983, he purchased a competitor’s sawmill just five miles away on Pinewood Road that today is known as Fox Hardwood Lumber (FHL).

Over the years, as FHL has grown, it too has changed with the times. Technology marks the modern-day sawmill with computers, lasers, bandsaws, and heavy machinery to make sawing faster and more accurate. However, though much has changed since the days of Fox Brothers Sawmill, much has stayed the same.

Today, Fox Hardwood Lumber is still a family-owned and operated business. Tommy’s mother, Emma Jean, is the face and personality of FHL and still enjoys working in the office and interacting with customers on a daily basis. If you call, more than likely you will hear her voice.

And, as for Tommy, he still remains true to his roots and what he learned from his family. Which means even though lumber sales have been primarily for furniture, flooring, and molding manufacturers, he still takes great pleasure in dealing with the needs of the local community and surrounding areas.